Rules for the return of competitions at Clogher Valley Golf Club

Competition Rules
  • 4 balls allowed at 15 minute intervals
  • strict social distancing rules still apply
  • only one person at a time is allowed in the Club house
  • entry into the competition can be booked on line or with Victor
  • casual golf can also be booked on the competition page
  • the computer in the Club house can not be used for competition entry
  • players who enter the competition have priority on the first 10th Tee box
  • please bring the correct entry fee ie £5.00
  • each player will keep their own card and should verify their score with their playing partner
  • cards must be filled out neatly with the players own name and one of their playing partners names
  • the card should be signed by the player only
  • the competition name and date should also be filled in
  • as per GUI guidance cards will not be handled for at least 24 hours after the competition has ended.
  • therefore the results will not be published until early the following week
Flag sticks
  • flag sticks must remain in the hole and should not be handled at any time
  • players are not allowed to hold the flag straight with their putter while their partner is putting
  • players can place their ball within 6 inches, not nearer the hole, in a bunker.
  • after playing their shot they can smooth the sand with their shoe or a club
  • the sand cannot be touched until after the shot has been played
  • see below linked video from Ballyliffin Golf club

  • players can only play one practice 9 holes before entering the competition
Lost Balls
  • if in any doubt as to the whereabouts of their ball a player should play a provisional ball.
  • this will help to keep things moving and cut down on the number of times a player will have to double back to replay their shot
As this is the first competition of the year and we are using a new booking system and playing under different rules we ask all golfers to be patient and vigilant.
This weekend is a trial run for everyone. Things may or may not need to be changed.
We hope everyone will have an enjoyable game and stay safe.
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