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Golf Ireland essential to save a game in decline

On 19 January 2019, the GUI and ILGU will decide their future. Each union will ask their member clubs to vote on the Golf Ireland proposal (see for full proposal and club support material) Golf has been in decline for more than a decade in Ireland. Time’s up. Golf as a game is not […]

CVGC AGM : Gents & Ladies

Club AGM to be held in the Clubhouse on Monday, 26 November 2018 Ladies Section AGM to be held in the Clubhouse on Wednesday, 28 November 2018 Election of Officers and Council Members for 2019 – sheet available in Clubhouse for nominations

Lady Captain’s presentation to MND NI

Lady Captain, Gillian Chartres, presenting a cheque to Stephen Thompson from Motor Neurone Disease Assocation NI. The funds were raised on her Lady Captain’s Open Day earlier this year by donations and in lieu of gifts.

President Peter’s presentation to McGuinness family

Club President, Peter Bogue, presenting a cheque to the parents of Ciara McGuinness. The funds were raised on his very successful President’s Day at Clogher Valley Golf Club and will be used to help provide an autism assistance dog for Ciara. (Further donations were received after the cheque presentation bringing the total to over £2,000)

Jim Robertson Rosebowl Results

Gents’ Results 1st – Eamon Rasdale, 43pts 2nd – Stephen McClelland, 40pts (cb) 3rd – Andy Armstrong, 40pts Gross – Harry Carson, 75 Front 9 – Paul Colgan, 23 pts Back 9 – Karl McCleery, 21pts Nearest the Pin – Andy Armstrong   Ladies’ Results 1st – Linda Armstrong 2nd – Gillian Chartres Nearest the […]


For new Members, sign-up for 2019 Membership now and play the rest of 2018 free. An ideal way to get a head start for the new season. Gents’ Full Membership : £300 Gents’ Membership (Seniors) : Fee £210 Ladies’ Full Membership : £220 Ladies’ Membership (Seniors ) : £210 Family Membership : £440 Student Membership […]

Results Donnelly Group Competition

We were delighted to have a new sponsor on board this year – Donnelly Group. Gents’ Results 1st – Eamon Rasdale, 41 points 2nd – Harry Carson, 39 points 3rd – Raymond Farrell, 38 points Gross – Brian Armstrong, (84) Front 9 – David Willis, 20 pts Back 9 – Eugene Rooney, 20 pts Nearest the […]

July Prize Giving

Photographs of Prize Winners from our July Prize Giving Evening at Clogher Valley Golf Club. Competitions: S A Fee Engineering Sanbra Fyffe Valley Commercials

Adamsez Utopia Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st:  Stan Montgomery, 45 points 2nd:  Kevin McGarry, 43 points 3rd:  Harry Carson, 39 points Gross:  David Willis (83) Front 9:  Brendan McCusker, 20 pts Back 9:  Tony Fee, 21 pts (cb) Nearest the Pin:  Stan Montgomery Ladies’ Results 1st:  Linda Armstrong, 28 points 2nd:  Gillian Chartres, 26 points

Ivan McCauley Agricultural Engineering Competition Results

Gents Results 1st:  Stuart Burke, 42 points 2nd:  Billy O’Malley, 41 points (cb) 3rd:  Stuart Gilmore, 41 points (visitor) Gross:  Harry Carson (69) Front 9:  Brendan McCusker, 21 pts (cb) Back 9:  Maurice Coulter, 19 pts (cb) Nearest the Pin:  Stephen McClelland Ladies Results 1st: Linda Armstrong, 32 points 2nd:  Carmel Rooney, 27 points Nearest […]

Diabetic Awareness Competition Results

Results of our Diabetic Awareness Competition, kindly sponsored by Firebird Heating Solutions Gents Results 1st. Kenny Robinson, 47 points 2nd. Stan Montgomery, 42 points 3rd. Charlie Keys, 38 points (cb) Gross:  Stuart Burke (79) Front 9:  Ian Farrell, 22 points (cb) Back 9: James Colhoun, 21 points Nearest the Pin: Eugene Rooney Ladies Results 1st:  […]

President’s Day Winners & Prize Giving

President Peter Bogue held his very successful and greatly enjoyable President's Day at Clogher Valley Golf Club on Saturday, 1st September 2018. Invited guests enjoyed refreshments in Rusks Restaurant before teeing off in fine weather. The course was in superb condition thanks to the efforts of Raymond, Strokey and the many Club members who helped [...]

President’s Day 2018

Some photos from Peter Bogue's President's Day held on 1st September 2018.

Crawford Fuels Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st:  James Massey, 55 Nett 2nd:  Kevin King, 61 Nett 3rd:  Stuart Burke, 64 Nett Ladies’ Results (*amended) 1st:  Betty Monaghan, 78 nett 2nd:  Gillian Chartres, * (113 – 31 = 82 nett) 

Crawford Quarries Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st: Charlie Keys, 46 points 2nd:  Paul Colgan, 45 points 3rd:  Andy Armstrong, 44 points Gross:  Harry Carson, (71) Front 9:  Norman Lyons, 22 points Back 9:  Brian Moore, 23 points Nearest the Pin:  Alan Forsythe Ladies’ Results 1st:  Henrietta Willis, 41 points 2nd:  Betty Monaghan, 29 points Nearest the Pin:  Betty Monaghan

Fee Engineering Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st:  Brian Armstrong, 61 Nett (CB) 2nd:  Stan Montgomery, 61 Nett 3rd:  David Willis, 63 Nett (CB) Gross:  Paul Colgan, (78) (CB) Front 9:  Eamon Rasdale, 28 Nett Back 9:  Malachy Monaghan, 27 Nett Nearest the Pin:  Kenny Robinson Ladies’ Results 1st:  Mary Fee, 80 Nett

Captain’s Day Results at Clogher Valley

Gents’ Results 1st:  Patsy Goodwin, 40 points 2nd:  James Massey, 40 points 3rd:  Gary Goodwin, 40 points Gross:  Harry Carson, (70) Visitor Prize: Felix Traynor, Aughnacloy G C,  40 points Committe Prize:  Andy Armstrong, 38 points 23+ Handicap Prize:  Malachy Monaghan, 38 pts Front 9:  Stewart Hamilton, 22 pts Back 9:  Stephen McClelland, 22 pts […]

Sanbra Fyffe Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st – Maurice Coulter, 44 points 2nd – David Willis, 42 points 3rd – Stuart Burke, 41 points (cb) Gross – Harry Carson, (73) Front 9 – Stan Montgomery, 22 points Back 9 – Patrick Maguire, 22 points Nearest the Pin – Kevin McGarry Ladies’ Results 1st – Gillian Chartres, 37 points 2nd […]

Valley Commercials Stroke Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st:   Kevin King,  62 nett (cb) 2nd:   Raymond Farrell, 62 nett (cb) 3rd:   Paul Colgan, 62 nett Gross:   David Willis, (80) Front 9:  Eugene Rooney, nett 29 Back 9:  Charlie Keys, nett 31 (cb) Nearest the Pin:  David Black Ladies’ Results 1st:   Linda Armstrong,  56 nett 2nd:  Florence Brunt, 73 nett Nearest the […]

Results S & A Fee Engineering Competition

Gents’ Results Harry Carson – 43 points David Black – 42 points (cb) Stuart Burke – 42 points Jim Burke – Gross (78) Eamon Rasdale – Front 9, 23 points Brian Armstrong – Back 9, 20 points (cb) John Moore – nearest the pin Ladies’ Results Betty Monaghan – 35 points (cb) Mary Fee – […]

Lady Captain’s Invite to Gents – Results

Lady Captain Gillian extends her thanks to the Club Gents for showing their support and playing her Invitational Competition. Congratulations to all the winners! 1st – Eugene Rooney, 45 points 2nd – Malachy Graham, 42 points Front 9 – Stephen McClelland, 26 points Back 9 – Ian Farrell, 21 points (on countback) Nearest the Pin […]

A Scorcher for Lady Captain’s Open Day 2018

The sun shone brightly, the course was in superb order and the conditions were right for a fabulous day of golf at Lady Captain Gillian's Open Day 2018.  Visiting Ladies from Aughnacloy, Blacklion, Enniskillen, Fintona & Lurgan Golf Clubs joined our own Lady Members for an 18 hole Stableford Competition - 53 Lady Golfers in total this [...]

Lady Captain’s Open Day Results

1st Lady Member – Henrietta Willis, 40 pts 2nd Lady Member – Linda Armstrong, 39 pts Lady Member Gross Prize – Betty Monaghan Lady Member 36+ Handicap – Florence Brunt Lady Member Front Nine – Lady VC, Margaret Osborne Lady Member Back Nine – Sandra Irvine   1st Lady Visitor – Pat Carville (Lady VC, […]

Results Fletcher Golf Club Stroke Competition

Gents Results 1. Patsy Goodwin – 62 Nett 2. Stan Montgomery – 63 Nett 3. Charlie Keys – 64 Nett (countback) 4. Harry Carson – Gross 70 5. Ian Farrell – Front 9 (Nett 29) 6. David Sharkey – Back 9 (Nett 29) 7. Andy Little – nearest the pin Ladies Results 1. Linda Armstrong […]

Good Luck to Fermanagh in tomorrow’s Ulster GAA Final

Located as we are with a foot practically in each county – Co Tyrone and Co Fermanagh – loyalties at Clogher Valley Golf Club can often be somewhat divided. However, on this occasion we all come together to wish the Fermanagh Team the very best in what must surely be the most anticipated Ulster Final […]

Harry sets a new Course Record at Clogher Valley Golf Club

Club Member Harry Carson is no stranger to awards and accolades, having picked up numerous Gross Prizes since joining Clogher Valley GC in 2018. And now he can add a NEW COURSE RECORD to his list of achievements – with a Net 60 for his round in the Clogher Valley Livestock Producers competition last weekend. […]

Results Clogher Valley Livestock Producers Competition

Gents Results 1. Patsy Goodwin – 47 points 2. Norman Kerr – 43 points (countback) 3. Harry Carson – 43 points 4. Stuart Burke – Gross 5. Brian Armstrong – Front 9 (23 points) 6. Seamus McGirr – Back 9 ( 23 points) 7. Everett Bennett – nearest the pin Ladies Results 1. Linda Armstrong […]

Results Fee Meats Stroke Competition

Gents Results: 1. Seamus McGirr – 57 nett 2. Derek Wright – 61 nett (countback) 3. Ian Farrell – 61 nett 4. Harry Carson – Gross 71 5. Jim Burke, Front 9 – 31 nett (countback) 6. Charlie Keys, Back 9 – 29 nett (countback) 7. Seamus McGirr – Nearest the Pin Ladies Results: 1. […]

Results Scotts Bakery Stableford Competition

Gents’ Results David Sharkey – 41 points Stan Montgomery – 40 points Eugene Rooney – 39 points Harry Carson – Gross (71) Eamon Rasdale – Front 9, 23 points Norman Lyons – Back 9, 20 points (on countback) David Willis – nearest the pin Ladies’ Results Henrietta Willis – 37 points Mary Fee – 25 […]

Clogher Valley Credit Union Competition Results

Gents’ Results 1st – Harry Carson, 64 nett 2nd – Patrick Maguire, 65 nett 3rd – Charlie Keys, 66 nett Stuart Burke, 78 Gross Front 9 – Patsy Goodwin, 28 nett Back 9 – Malachy Monaghan, 30 nett Nearest the Pin – Stewart Hamilton Ladies’ Results 1st – Linda Armstrong, 68 nett 2nd – Gillian […]

Another Hole in One for Everett

Huge congratulations to our Past President, Everett Bennett on hitting a ‘Hole in One’ on the 6th hole (The Pond) during our Cancer Research competition. This is Everett’s second ‘hole in one’ in recent years!!

Results Cancer Research Competition

Gents Results 1. Kenny Robinson – 42 points 2. James Colhoun – 41 points 3. Kevin McGarry – 40 points 4. Harry Carson – Gross 5. Raymond Farrell – front 9, 22 points 6. Brendan mc Cusker – back 9, 21 points 7. Seamus McGirr – Seniors 9 hole, 21 points [Collen Megaw Memorial] 8. […]

April Prize Giving

Some images from our April Prize Giving evening (at long last!). We extend our thanks to all our Sponsors for their generous support again this year. Prizes were awarded for the following competitions: Derek Lee Memorial (Danske Bank) Liam Byrne Memorial (The Byrne Family) Monaghan Bros Cooneen Group We also presented prizes for our Winter [...]

Results Kenny & Maurice Competition

Gents Results: 1. Seamus McGirr – 57 nett 2. Kevin McGarry – 59 nett 3. Eugene Rooney – 61 nett (countback) 4. Harry Carson Gross – 73 5. Derek Wright – front 9, 29 nett 6. Kevin King – back 9, 31 nett (countback) 7. Seamus McGirr – Nearest the pin Ladies Results: 1. Linda Armstrong – […]

Results: McGirr Fuels Club Stableford Competition

Gents Results: Alan Forsythe – 45 points Gary Colhoun – 43 points (countback) Kenny Robinson – 43 points Harry Carson – Gross (69) Eugene Rooney – Front 9, 24 points Brian Moore – Back 9, 22 points Raymond Farrell (Lurgan) – nearest the pin Ladies Results: LC, Gillian Chartres – 35 points Linda Armstrong – […]

E & R Bennett Competition Results

Gents: Eamon Rasdale – 42 points Kevin King – 40 points Patsy Goodwin – 39 points Harry Carson – Gross (70) Kenny Robinson – Front nine (countback) Eugene Rooney – Back nine Ladies:   Carmel Rooney  Gillian Chartres Twos: Barry Byrne, Billy OMalley, Eamon Rasdale, Paul Colgan, John Graydon

Monaghan Bros Competition Results

Gents Results: Raymond Farrell – 40 points Harry Carson – 39 points Barry Byrne – 37 points Malachy Graham – Gross (77) Jim Burke – front nine Stan Montgomery – back nine Patsy Goodwin – Nearest the Pin Ladies Results: Gillian Chartres – 30 points Linda Armstrong (& Nearest the Pin) Twos: John Wallace, Alan […]

Results Cooneen Group Competition

Gents 1. Paul Colgan 62 nett 2. Eugene Rooney 64 nett 3. Raymond Farrell 65 nett 4. Stuart Burke 81 Gross BB9 5. Derek Wright front 9 6. Stephen mc Celland back 9 7. Patsy Goodwin nearest the pin Twos 1. Norman Kerr 2. Kevin mc Garry 3. Eugene Rooney Ladies 1. Carmel Rooney 74 […]

Results: Liam Byrne Memorial Competition

Gents Results 1st – Paul Colgan (41pts) 2nd – Stan Montgomery (41pts) 3rd – Brian Armstrong (40pts) Gross – Harry Carson (68nett) Front 9 – Eamon Rasdale Back 9 – Eugene Rooney Nearest the Pin – Norman Lyons Ladies Results 1st – Gillian Chartres (25pts) 2nd – Mary Fee (25pts)  

Captains’ Drive-in at Clogher Valley Golf Club.

We were delighted to have 30 golfers tee off with a shotgun start. Cold wind & snow flurries didn’t hamper the scores with a tie for first place. Count back saw the winning team of Linda Armstrong, Maurice Coalter, Tony Fee & Mervyn Spratt named ahead of second place Andy Armstrong, Ian Farrell, Mervyn Farrell […]

**REVISED** Itinerary for ‘Get Into Golf’ Sessions commencing 7 March 2018

Calling all Ladies – our ‘Get Into Golf’ sessions start this week with a ‘Registration & Get to know You’ evening at Clogher Valley Golf Club on Wednesday evening at 7.00pm. Weather conditions have been particularly unfavourable of late but we’re pushing ahead with a scheduled itinerary for the next few weeks as follows:- Week […]

Get into Golf – March 2018

This program has received funding under Mid Ulster District Council’s Sports Development Grant

Seven Golfing Myths

Are you worried about starting golf because it will cost too much? Do you assume it takes too long to play? Does it conjure up the image of a stuffy, old-fashioned game?   It’s time to rethink all those golfing myths that might be holding you back from taking up the game. Here are some […]

Ladies ‘Get Into Golf’ Taster Sessions in 2018

Golf is an almost unique sport, combining periods of intense concentration and skill with much longer periods of walking around beautiful landscapes enjoying the fresh air. There’s no better sport for bringing people together and, with its winning combination of exercise, personal challenges, competition and social interaction, golf is the perfect tonic for good health […]

Irrigation Project 2017

The officers of Clogher Valley Golf Club would like to pass on their thanks to all members and friends who assisted in fund raising and voluntary help with our irrigation project, which has just been completed. This effort is a refreshing demonstration of the positivity, willingness and inclusive spirit that exists within our Club. We […]

Clogher Valley Golf Club donation to Valley Nursing Home

Club President, Everett Bennett & Captain Andy Armstrong presenting The Valley Nursing Home managers, Lorraine Cozma and Louise Hughes with a cheque for £1,170. This sum represented a share of fund raising activities at the Club throughout the year. Captain Andy organised a draw for his Captain’s Day and the proceeds from this, along with […]

Clogher Valley Golf Club Donation to St Macartan’s Home

Club President, Everett Bennett & Captain Andy Armstrong presenting Maria Lennon, manager of St Macartan’s Home with a cheque for £1,170, the results of fund raising activities throughout the year. Captain Andy organised a draw for his Captain’s Day and the proceeds from this, along with donations in lieu of gifts, were donated to Dementia Care […]

Lady Golfer of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Gillian Chartres on winning Lady Golfer of the Year 2017 Lady Captain Hazel presented Gillian with her winning trophy. (For all the winners I pester for photographs throughout the year … well you can see I was just delighted!)

Gents’ Golfer of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Paul Colgan our Gents Golfer of the Year 2017.  A popular winner and huge supporter of all Clogher Valley Golf Club’s Competitions throughout the year, it was a great pleasure for Captain Andy to present Paul with his winning trophy. Very well done Paul!

Ladies Singles Winner

Many congratulations to Betty Monaghan, our Ladies Singles Winner for 2017 – well done Betty! Also many thanks and well done to all our Ladies who took part in this year’s competition and to our Ladies Singles Runner Up, Lady Captain Hazel. It was a tough competition this year with heavy rain making playing conditions challenging […]

Gents’ Singles Winner

It was a father and son, Armstrong vs Armstrong play-off for our Gents’ Singles Competition with youth (son Paul) winning out over experience (father Captain Andy). Many congratulations to our Gents Singles Winner Paul Armstrong – Captain Andy can take some consolation from knowing he taught him well over the years! Clogher Valley Golf Club truly […]

Captain’s Team wins the Day

Captain Andy's Team won the day on our last one day Competition of the 2017 Season with a win over President's Everett's side. As usual there was a healthy rivalry on the course and plenty of banter afterwards in the Clubhouse. Refreshments were served and the last of our Competition Prizes awarded for Club Competitions [...]

President’s Day Dinner & Prize Giving

Some photos from our President's Day Dinner on Saturday, 7th October 2017. A fabulous night with delicious food, great company, good music and much craic!! Congratulations to all the winners and in particular Gent's Winner, Norman Kerr and Ladies' Winner, Henrietta Willis. Gents: Winner: Norman Kerr 2nd: Stan Montgomery 3rd: Paul Colgan Gross: Capt Andy [...]

President’s Day Gets Underway

President Everett's big Day is underway with Club Members, visiting Presidents and invited guests enjoying refreshments in the Clubhouse before teeing off on a cold but bright day in the Clogher Valley. Prize Giving will follow a meal in the Clubhouse this evening (seated for 8.30pm please) - with the usual dancing and craic to [...]

Results Crawford’s Fuels Stableford

With only one very generous prize, this competition attracted a considerable number of entrants. Vice-Captain, Seamus McGirr set the pace on Friday morning with a solid round, scoring 38pts. He remained the leader up to 6.30pm, Sunday when Charlie Keys arrived with 41pts (including a ding) to walk away with 1st place and his 2018 […]

Results Crawford’s Quarry Competition

Played in damp conditions but the course held up remarkably well. Players all wondering how the staff managed to keep the fairways looking like they’d been manicured. The greens were like lightning and the pin positions were reflected in the scoring. For the first time this season the winning score came in at less than […]

Results of Peter Bogue Body Repairs Competition

There was a healthy number of entries for this competition considering the weather (dismal on Saturday). Friday morning had the Vice Captain (Seamus McGirr) set the standard with a creditable 38pts. That lasted about two hours when Norman Kerr arrived with 39. Then “Strokey” as he is affectionately known, (Derek Wright), the assistant green-keeper, stroked […]

Captain’s Day 2017 Results

The week began with the Ladies. They played Mon to Wed and then rolled up their sleeves to help with the work. There was a real buzz of activity. Painting and decorating, cutting grass, mowing greens, clipping hedges, raking bunkers, gathering litter, washing signs etc, etc., and what a job they done. The place looked [...]

Well done the Workers!

What a great turn out of workers to help prepare the course for Captain’s Day this weekend! (Apologies to anyone not included in the photo) Thank you to everyone who weeded, washed, brushed, raked, strimmed, clipped …. plus many, many other little jobs …. it is great to see everywhere looking so well!  

Captain’s Day 2017 supporting Dementia Care in Clogher Valley

Tickets are on sale for our Captain’s Day Draw 2017 with proceeds being split between Dementia Care in the Clogher Valley and the Club. Members & Visitors please note. The course will be closed on Thursday 7th September for preparations. Captain’s Day 18 hole Stableford (for Visitors) and Stroke Play for members begins on Fri […]

Results Diabetic Awareness Stableford | 1st to 3rd Sept 2017

Large turnout for this competition with the course playing exceptionally well up until Sunday when the rain eventually took it’s toll and left the going very soft. However, that didn’t hinder Maurice Coulter who carded a marvelous 44pts despite the conditions. Seamus McGirr & Paul Colgan had the dryer course on Friday and Saturday and came […]

Prize Night 2nd September 2017

Thank you to everyone who came along to support our winners and sponsors on Saturday night.

Take a Swing for Diabetes

Looking forward to a (relatively) dry weekend of golf for our Diabetes Awareness OPEN Stableford Competition. Held in memory of Jill Foster, the competition is generously supported and sponsored by local businesses. Come along to Clogher Valley Golf Club and enjoy a great game of Golf for a very worthy cause.  

Competition Postponed : Peter Bogue Motor Repairs

Members have found it difficult to get out to play due to the ongoing wet weather and resultant course conditions. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the Peter Bogue Motor Repairs Competition, now to be rescheduled (date to be advised). Please note and pass along to Members who may not check online.

Course OPEN again

The course is in reasonable shape following the recent heavy rain. The meadow is soft but otherwise it is remarkably good. Captain Andy would ask Members to please make every effort to support the Peter Bogue Motor Body Repairs Competition, which runs until Monday evening.

Course Information & Club Notices

PLEASE NOTE: Course Closed, following the exceptional amount of rain this week. We hope to review the situation later on today and will post a notice when it is open again! All Prize Winners please take note that this month’s Prize Giving will take place on Saturday, 2nd September at 9.00pm sharp in Rusk’s Dining […]

Results Valley Commercials Stroke Competition

Another close contest with just 8 strokes separating the top 14 players. The battle at the top could only be sorted by Countback. Charlie Keys had a brilliant 62 nett on Sunday. Paul Colgan was very unlucky with a marvelous 76 gross. Playing off 14 brought him back to 62 nett also, and had a […]

Results : Adamez & Utopia, Open Stableford

Spontaneous applause broke out among the committee members present when the result was declared. The ever popular Stephen McClelland had come out on the right side of an enthralling battle, but only just. Winston Burke had laid down the first challenge with 41pts. Then up popped Paul Armstrong with 41pts. Countback required. Then Stephen arrived with 41pts. Countback […]

Results Scott’s Bakery, Open Stableford

36 entrants for the Scott’s Bakery Open Stableford competition saw a rush for top spot on day three. The battle for pole position was between, Eugene Rooney, Alan Forsythe, Kenny Robinson & Kevin King. Just one point separated all four with the result being declared after countback. Gents: 1st – Kevin King, 41pts 2nd – Kenny Robinson, […]

Results Fee Engineering Stableford Competition

52 entrants in the Fee Engineering competition. Top of the pops was The Mighty, Dave Johnstone. He rattled in a few pars and a birdie for good measure to score a healthy 44 points. Results are as follows … Gents: 1st –  David Johnstone, 44pts 2nd – Eugene Rooney, 43pts 3rd – Kevin King, 40pts Gross – […]

July 2017 Prize Night

Some photos from our July Prize Giving Evening. Congratulations to all our prize winners and our thanks, once again, to our Competition Sponsors for their generosity and continued support:- E & R Bennett, Fivemiletown Fletcher Golf, Enniskillen Clogher Valley Credit Union

Results : Fletcher Golf Open Stroke Competition

Gents Results: 1st:  Alan Forsyth, 62 nett (on count-back) 2nd:  James Colhoun, 62 nett 3rd:  Gary Colhoun, 62 nett Gross: Michael Follis Front 9:  Charlie Keys Back 9:  Kevin King   Ladies Results: 1st: Linda Armstrong, 68 nett (making a welcome return to fitness) 2nd: Gillian Chartres, 70 nett   Next weekend’s Competition is the Fee […]

Results : Jim Robertson memorial Rose Bowl Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our Annual Jim Roberston Memorial Rose Bowl Competition. 1st : Paul Colgan & Kevin McGarry (51pts) 2nd : Henrietta Willis & Seamus McGirr

Clogher Valley Credit Union Competition

Results for the Clogher Valley Credit Union Club Stroke Competition. Gents: 1st Alan Forsythe Nett 57 2nd Paul Colgan Nett 58 3rd Joe Davis Nett 63 Everett Bennett Nearest the Pin Charlie Keys Front Nine Nett  30 Kevin King Back Nine Nett  31 Malachy Graham Gross   75 Stan Montgomery had a “2” and Tom McKeagney […]

E & R Bennett Open Stableford Results

More than fifty competitors battled for this prestigious competition sponsored by the President himself, Everett Bennett to whom the club is eternally grateful. This is not the first time the club has been the recipient of his generosity and we feel so lucky to have him. Having shot 46pts, Club Captain, Andy Armstrong came out on top Gents […]

May & June Prize Giving Evenings

Some photos of our Sponsors and Prize Winners for May & June Competitions. It’s good to see so many members taking part in competitions and supporting our Prize Giving Evenings. We are also hugely grateful to our generous sponsors year on year for their support – without them we couldn’t run our full fixtures list […]

Results McGirr Fuels, Open Stableford

McGirr Fuels, Open Stableford played 23rd to 25th June. Gents Results: 1st: Alan Forsythe 43pts (on count back)  2nd: Ben Irwin 43pts 3rd: Everett Bennett 42pts. Gross: Gary Colhoun 77 Front 9: Stephen McClelland 20pts Back 9: Pat Maguire 26pts (includes 6 pars) Nearest the Pin:- Kevin McGarry   Ladies Results: 1st: Bernie Mohan 31pts 2nd: Hazel McDonald 30pts Nearest the Pin: Carmel Rooney

Results of Cancer Research Competition : Sponsored by Firebird

Firebird & Cancer Research Open Stableford – 16th to 18th June Gents Results: 1st: Charlie Keys 45pts 2nd: Paul Armstrong 43pts 3rd: Billy O’Malley 42pts Front 9: David Sharkey 24pts Back 9: Niall Bracken 22pts Gross: Paul Colgan   Ladies Results: 1st: Mary Fee 28pts 2nd: Betty Monaghan 27pts 3rd: Henrietta Willis 25pts

CarZone NI, Irvinestown – Car for a ‘hole in one’

Another year and still no winners for our Lady Captain’s ‘hole in one’ competition. We are greatly indebted to Gerry McNamee who very generously sponsors this fabulous prize, year after year. So make a date in your diaries Ladies – Clogher Valley Golf Club Lady Captain’s Open Day 2018 ….. maybe it will be 5th […]

Cancer Research Open Competition supported by Firebird

This weekend's Competition is our very popular Cancer Research Open Stableford - this year kindly supported by Firebird Heating Solutions.

Donation to Cancer Connect

(Lady Captain Hazel presenting Breda from Cancer Connect with a donation.) In lieu of gifts, Lady Captain Hazel requested that donations be given to Cancer Connect NI. Entry fees for the ‘hole in one’ competition were also donated to this very worthwhile local charity. Breda McGrenaghan spoke about the facilities and services Cancer Connect provides […]

Lady Captain’s Open Day 2017 – Results & Photos

Lady Captain Hazel welcomed Lady Members and Visitors to Clogher Valley Golf Club for her Open Day (Wed, 14th June 2017). The course was in superb condition thanks to the hard work put in by Raymond, Strokey & their band of helpers, dry weather was forecast and the stage was set for a very enjoyable [...]

Results for Maurice & Kenny, Club Stroke Play

Gents:- 1st:  Malachy Graham – nett 64 on Countback 2nd:  Charlie Keys – nett 64 3rd:  Paul Colgan – nett 66 Longest Drive:  Gary Colhoun Nearest the Pin: Paul Colgan Front 9:  Mervyn Farrell – 31 nett Back 9:  Stan Montgomery – 29 nett. Gross:  Barry Byrne – 85   Ladies :- 1st:  Carmel Rooney […]

Lady Captain Hazel’s Open Day : Wed, 14th June 2017

18 Hole Stableford Competition Chance to win a car with a ‘hole in one’ generously sponsored once again by Gerry McNamee of CarZone Irvinestown (entry is an additional £5 which will be donated to Cancer Connect) MEMBERS: 9.00 am Draw VISITING LADIES: 1.00pm Welcome & Complimentary Hospitality 2.00pm Shotgun Tee Off 6.30pm Complimentary Buffet & […]

Results of the Sanbra Fyffe 4 day Open Competition

Gents: 1st – Barry Byrne, 46 pts 2nd – Eamon Rasdale, 43 pts 3rd – Leonard Kelly, 42 pts Gross – Andy Armstrong (81) Front 9 – Charles Keys (21) Back 9 – John Moore (20) Nearest the Pin – Norman Kerr Visitors Prize – Jonathan Kurvc (Fintona) 37 pts Ladies: 1st – Henrietta Willis, […]

Western Cars Comp Results & News Items

Busy week at the Clogher Valley. Wednesday evening Scramble continues, 6.30pm for 7pm Tee off. This weekend coming will be the “Club Open, Stableford”. Time sheet in operation. Tuition and practice session for beginners & improvers, (Ladies, Gents & Juveniles) continues every Monday at 10am. Free of charge, everybody welcome. During the week we had […]

Noticeboard – Upcoming Fixtures & Competitions

 19-21st May Western Cars 18 Hole Club Stableford 26-29th May  4-Day Open Stableford 18 Hole Open Stableford 4 day event sponsored by:  Don’t miss Saturday 27th May Prize Night at 8pm sharp followed by Music & Dancing for our Marie Curie fundraiser in memory of Liam Byrne, former President of Clogher Valley Golf Club.  Please […]

Wednesday Evening Scrambles

Our popular Wednesday Evening Scrambles have started up again for the summer season. Meeting at the Clubhouse for 6.30pm, entrance is £2 and the formats change around from week to week. A great fun game of golf and a chance to mix with other Club Members. Wednesday, 3rd May – Winners;  Joe Davis, Andy Little […]

Liam Byrne Competition Results & Other News

  Last weekend saw the Liam Byrne Memorial 18 hole Stableford (Proceeds to Marie Curie Cancer Care) with 70 participants. Ronnie Little was the eventual winner from Stephen Erskine, on countback. Gents’ Results:- 1st  Ronnie Little – 41pts (on countback) 2nd Stephen Erskine – 41pts 3rd Stephen McClelland – 39pts Front Nine:  Derek Wright – […]

All Ireland 4 Ball – Course closure

All Ireland 4 Ball is to be played on Sunday, 7th May 2017. The 1st / 10th tee will be closed from 12:30 – 2:30pm to accommodate players – we apologise for any inconvenience to Club Members.

MAY Upcoming Fixtures & Competitions

  Date Event Comments 5-7  May Liam Byrne Memorial Open 18 hole Stableford (Marie Curie) 12-14 May Cooneen Group Club 18 hole Stroke (GOY) 19-21 May Western Cars 18 hole Club Stableford 26-29 May Open Club Stableford Don’t forget Wednesday Club Members 9 hole (fun event) 6:30 for 7pm sharp Wednesdays Friday Club Open 9 hole Stableford Turn up […]

April Competition Results

FEE MEATS (G.O.Y) 1st – Raymond Farrell (62net) 2nd – Capt, Andy Armstrong (64net) 3rd – Charles Keys (64net) Gross – Malachy Graham (75) Front 9 – Kevin King (32) Back 9 – Mervyn Farrell (31) Ladies 1st – Henrietta Willis Ladies 2nd – Linda Armstrong Ladies NP – Henrietta Willis IVAN McCAULEY AGRICULTURE (STABLEFORD) […]

Derek Lee Memorial 18 hole Open Stableford Competition

Friday, 28th & Saturday, 29th April 2017 Time sheet in Operation Please contact Victor to register – 077 7595 2690 Entrance £10 inc meal

Other News & Upcoming Prize Giving Evening

Winner of the Easter Monday 9 hole stableford competition was Kevin McGarry – with 19 points. This weekend, 21st, 22nd & 23rd April is the Monaghan Bros Stableford Competition followed by the Derek Lee Memorial Open Competition on 28 & 29th April. Note that Prize Giving will be held on Saturday evening following the Derek […]

Ivan McCauley Agricultural Competition – Results

Gents 1st:  Charles Keys – 42 pts Gents 2nd:  Eugene Rooney – 39 pts Gents 3rd:  Kenny Robinson – 38 pts Front 9:  Kevin King – 20 pts Back 9:  Malachy Monaghan – 20 pts Gents Gross:  Winston Burke – 84 gross Ladies 1st:  Mary Fee – 31 pts Ladies 2nd:  Carmel Rooney – 29 […]

New Club colours

Some of our C.V.G.C. Ladies looking very swish in their new Club Jumpers and T-shirts. Let’s hope the score cards are looking just as pretty this year!!  

Fee Meats Competition

The first ‘Golfer of the Year’ qualifying competition of 2017 is our Fee Meats Club Stroke. We look forward to a good number of entries and some good scores – the conditions couldn’t be more favourable and the the course is in great shape! Our thanks to Fee Meats (Tony & Mary Fee) for their […]

Superb Start to the Year with Captains’ Drive-In

There was a superb turn out for our Captains’ Drive in on Sunday, 2nd April with 49 members taking part in the Competition. A ‘Shot Gun’ start saw groups get underway at all 9 holes. The format was very successful with so many players on the course at one time. The conditions were perfect as […]

Captains’ Drive In – Sunday, 2nd April

Don't forget to put your name on the sheet in the Clubhouse for our Captains' Drive-In on Sunday, 2nd April 2017. This will be an 18 hole Stableford Competition with assembly at 12.30pm for 1.30pm tee-off.

Website Woes!

Sorry to say that we've had some pretty serious website problems this week and unfortunately some of our content from 2016 was lost. We may be able to recover some of this in the next while but apologies to the various competition winners for the latter half of the 2016 season. Things can only get [...]

Captain’s Day Prize Draw

The winners of our Captain’s Day Prize Draw are as follows:- £300 Winner – Tom Lendrum £100 – Clara Leonard £50 – Everett Bennett £50 – Oliva Busby Congratulations to all the winners and our thanks to everyone who sold or bought tickets – your support is very much appreciated.

Captain’s Day Prize Giving

A great day of golf was rounded off with a superb Captain’s Day Meal and Prize Giving at Clogher Valley Golf Club. Club Members and special guests filled the function room to overflowing and enjoyed a delicious meal followed by speeches and prize giving. Winner Captain’s Prize – Ryan McCaughey (net 60) 2nd – Paul Colgan […]

Captain’s Day Guests

Some photos of the Guests who took part in today’s Captain’s Day Competition. George Brownrigg, Norman Kerr, Noel Quinn (Capt Fintona G.C.), Club President Malachy Graham Steven Craig, Billy Reynolds, Sean McCaughey, John Craig Fred Cowan, Drew Armstrong, Davy Willis, Vice-Capt Andy Armstrong Kevin McGarry, Peter McGirr, Brendan McCusker, Seamus McNabb Brian Moore, Michael Cassidy, […]

Captain’s Day 2016 Gets Underway

The rain clouds cleared as Captain Leonard welcomed guests to his Captain’s Day at Clogher Valley Golf Club. The newly refurbished Rusk’s Bar & Restaurant was the perfect venue for pre-golf refreshments and buffet before the tee-offs got underway.  

A Birdie? An Eagle? or a Black Angus!

Maurice and Mervyn doing a meet and greet at the 13th!

Joe wins Cancer Research Competition

A delighted Joe Davis picks up the Derek Kingston Memorial Cup at this years C.V.G.C. Cancer Research Competition. Prize winners as follows:- Winner:  Joe Davis Gross Prize: Club President, Malachy Graham Front 9: Mervyn McElwaine Back 9: Kevin King Longest Drive: Eamon Rasdale Senior Winner: Victor Collum Ladies Winner: Henrietta Willis Ladies 2nd: Lady Captain, […]

Captain’s Day : Timesheet in Operation

Captain Leonard would like to remind all Club Members taking part in his Captain’s Day Competition to put their names on the Timesheet now displayed in the Clubhouse foyer. Although the Clubhouse is currently closed for renovation works, the foyer can be accessed and the Timesheet is displayed on a noticeboard just inside the door. […]

Cancer Research Competition

This weekend, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July we will hold our annual Cancer Research Competition. This is an 18 Hole Open Stableford Competition (or a 9 Hole Stableford for Seniors). Prize Giving for this competition will be held on the Saturday evening 2nd July @ 9.00pm in the upstairs function room of the Clubhouse. We look […]

In Form Billy ‘Horschel’ Reynolds Wins Castle Hume Open

Castle Hume Golf Shop were the sponsor for last weekends open stroke  competition at an absolutely immaculate Clogher Valley, and it was in-form Billy Reynolds who was victorious with a brilliant 8 under par round nett 59. Billy (affectionately known as “Horschel”) set himself up for a fantastic round with 4 straight parrs and a birdie at the 5th hole. Two more parrs […]

Henrietta takes 1st prize at Lady Captain’s Day

Results for Lady Captain’s Open Day Competition Visitors Results 1st Lady Visitor: Josie Boyle, Enniskillen G.C. (35pts) 2nd Lady Visitor: Jackie Crawford, Enniskillen G.C. (34pts) 1st Visiting Lady Captain: Pat Alston, Blacklion G.C. (32pts) Front 9: Sally Redman, Enniskillen G.C. (18pts on countback) Back 9: Kathleen Magure, Blacklion G.C. (19pts) Longest Drive: Linda Armstrong, C.V.G.C. […]

Lady Captain Mary’s Open Day

We had another very successful Lady Captain’s Open Day on Wednesday, 15th June when Lady Captain Mary Fee welcomed Club Ladies, visiting Lady Captains and Lady Golfers to C.V.G.C. Refreshments were served in the Clubhouse on arrival giving guests and Club members an opportunity to catch up with one another and to view the beautiful […]

Upcoming Competitions

We would like to send our best wishes to Peter McGirr and his Conway Cup Team as they play the 1st leg in Blacklion on Sunday 19th June and commiserations to Andy Armstrong and our Lawson Cup team who were defeated in the 2nd leg by Blacklion last Friday. This week-end we look forward to another […]

Malachy wins by a “coat of paint”!!

Lady Captain Mary Fee’s Invite to Gents Stableford Competition was hotly contested last weekend with some great golf resulting in a nailbiting finish. In-form Brendan McCusker,fresh from his first ever victory two weeks ago, graced the hallowed turf as he did in his football days and carded a great round of 6 under par 42pts. After a […]

100 Club Draw for June

Congratulations to Dessie McCormack, winner of our £100 Club draw for June

Lady Captain Mary Fee’s Open Day

Our Lady Captain Mary Fee’s Open Day will be held on Wednesday 15th June 2016 Once again we will be offering all Ladies the opportunity to win a Car with a ‘Hole in One’ (kindly sponsored by CarZone Irvinestown) Visiting Ladies: £15.00 Lady Members: £5.00 Additional £5.00 Entry Fee for ‘Hole in One’ Competition 12.45pm […]

Ulster Cup & Ulster 4 Ball

The Ulster Cup first leg took place last Sunday, when Clogher Valley Golf Club were hosts to Greenisland Golf Club. In miserable conditions, Clogher Valley GC prevailed with a 5:2 win. CVGC now travel to Greenisland GC this Sunday for the return match. The first leg of the Ulster 4 Ball will take on Sunday [...]

Results Raymond Farrell Yellow Ball Competition

Congratulations to the winning team, with 81 pts:- Captain Leonard Kelly Eugene Rooney Brian Moore Kenny Robinson

Michael is the overall winner

The results of the Derek Lee Memorial Competition are as follows:- Category 0-16:  Norman Lyons, 40pts Category 16-21:  Michael McCaughey, 41pts (Overall Winner) Category 22-28:  John Moore, 32pts Gross: Raymond Farrell, 78 gross Front 9: Everett Bennett, 20pts Back 9: Sean McCaughey, 21pts Ladies: Linda Armstrong, 30pts  

Winston takes top spot in Drive-In

Congratulations to Winston Burke, overall winner in our Captains’ Drive-In Competition on Sunday, 20th March. The Stableford Competition results were as follows:- Ladies Winner – Lady Captain, Mary Fee – 33pts Gents (Category 22-28) – Charles Keys – 35pts Gents (Category 17-21) – Peter Bogue – 34pts Gents (Category 0-16) – Winston Burke – 39pts […]

Captains’ Drive-In – Photo Gallery

A selection of photographs from our Captains' Drive-In - Sunday, 20th March 2016. The first day of Spring certainly lived up to expectations with blue skies and great playing conditions. Results of the Scramble Competition will follow later.

Captains’ Drive In – Sunday, 20th March 2016

Clogher Valley Golf Club will begin the new golfing season with our Captains’ Drive In this Sunday, 20th March 2016. Tee-off time is 2.00pm for a nine-hole scramble. Please add your name to the list in the Clubhouse – a draw will be made prior to tee-off. Meals and prizes to follow in the Clubhouse […]

Club 100 Draw

Our Club 100 Draw is now in full swing again at a cost of £10 per month. Some spaces left so get in on time to secure your favourite number. First draw takes place on Monday, 4th April 2016.

Raymond Farrell Yellow Ball Competition

Monday, 28th March to Sunday, 3rd April 2016 Raymond Farrell will hold his annual Yellow Ball Event. This is an Open 18 hole Stableford, 4 person team event. Timesheet is in operation.

Derek Lee Memorial – 18 hole Stableford Competition

The Derek Lee Memorial 18 hole Stableford Competition will be held over Easter weekend – from Friday, 25th March to Sunday, 27th March. Timesheet is in operation for this competition.

CVGC Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Clogher Valley Golf Club was held this evening in the Clubhouse. The following positions were confirmed:- Club President: Malachy Graham Club Captain: Leonard Kelly Club Vice Captain: Andy Armstrong Hon Secretary: Norman Lyons Hon Treasurer: Sean McCaughey Lady Captain: Mary Fee Lady Vice Captain: Hazel McDonald Ladies Secretary: Carmel Rooney […]

Diabetes UK Open Stroke Competition – Friday, 11th September to Sunday, 13th September

Our Annual Diabetes Awareness Open Stroke Competition is taking place this weekend – Friday through to Sunday. We encourage all Members and Visitors to take part in this competition to raise funds for a very worthwhile Charity. The weather is set to be fair so take advantage of this short break in the clouds!  

Two close calls for the Car with a ‘hole in one’

Unfortunately there was no winner for the Renault Car with a ‘hole in one’ on Captain’s Day 2015 but far from being an impossible feat, two golfers came remarkably close on the day. In the morning, Club Member Peter McGirr’s tee-shot bounced close to the hole to land a few feet above the pin – […]

Kevin is ‘King’ at Sean’s Captain’s Day

A delighted Kevin King receives his prize and trophy from Captain Sean – a worthy winner with a great score 55 net – well done Kevin! C.V.G.C. Runner Up: John Graydon, 58 net 3rd Place: Eugene Rooney, 60 net Past Captains’ Prize: Norman Lyons 1st Senior: Victor Collum 1st Junior: Michael McCaughey, 64 net Nearest the […]

A family affair for Captain Sean

Two of the up and coming golfing talents at Clogher Valley Golf Club are following in their father’s footsteps. Captain Sean with sons Michael & Ryan.

Sean McCaughey’s Captains Day : Sat, 25th July 2015

A selection of photos from Sean McCaughey’s Captains Day – Saturday, 25th July 2015.

The chance to Win a Car with a Hole in One at C.V. Golf Club Captain’s Day

The stakes are high at this year’s Captain’s Day with Gerry MacNamee of CarZone Irvinestown kindly sponsoring a Car for a ‘Hole in One’ at Captain Sean’s big day. The par 3, 15th has been designated as the hole where all the action will take place. A tee-off over water with rough grass beyond and […]

Wednesday ‘Scramble’ : 22nd July 2015

A good turn out as Members take the opportunity for a last bit of practise before Captain’s Day this weekend. With such good scores this weekend’s competition is sure to be tightly contested.   Winners with a magnificent score of 8 under (26 shots) were: Kevin McGarry Rory McElroy Paul Colgan Tony Fee   Runners Up: […]

Follow all the Action from St Andrews at The Open 2015

Keep up to date with all the latest Golf News, Golf Scores & Leader board at The Open 2015. iframes are not supported by your browser.   

Wednesday ‘Scramble’ : 15th July 2015

Another good turn out for our usual Wednesday night Scramble – the format this week was best two scores on all holes. This weeks winners with an outstanding score of 51 Henrietta Willis Seamus McGirr John Graydon Ian Farrell Runners up with a score of 47 Mary Fee Winston Fee Greg Farrell Joe Davis

Lady Captain’s Open Day | Donation to Palliative Care

During her recent Lady Captain’s Open Day, our Lady Captain Florence Brunt asked that Members and visiting Lady Golfers should, if desired, make a donation to ‘Palliative Care’ in lieu of gifts.  She was aided in her fundraising efforts by the generous sponsorship of Gerry McNamee of CarZone Irvinestown, who once again provided a Nissan […]

Lady Captain Florence’s Open Day – 17th June 2015

Our annual Lady Captain’s Open Day was held on Wedneday, 17th June 2015. Lady Captain Florence welcomed the Lady Members to the Clubhouse in the morning where the 2 ball pairings were drawn. A damp start didn’t dampen the Ladies’ enthusiasm with tee-off getting underway at 9.15am. The big prize to aim for was a […]

Photos from Prize Giving Evening – 12 June 2016

Just some of the Prize Winners from Friday night. Good to see our Club Competitions well supported and congratulations to all of the winners.  “Friday night & we in the spot, don’t believe me just watch!” Captain Sean & Handicap Secretary Malachy

Wednesday Scramble, 10th June 2015

Good to see so many of our Lady Members out for this evenings Scramble – the good weather is a great advantage. Tonight’s winners were – Henrietta Willis, Kevin McGarry, Ryan McCaughey + one other (name to follow) Runners up were – Hazel McDonald, Captain Sean McCaughey, Vice Captain Leonard Kelly & Dessie McCormick

Beautiful June evening at Clogher Valley Golf Club

Some images from the Golf Course tonight – a lovely bright June evening (I should have been concentrating on my game rather than taking photos!)

Prize Giving Evening | Friday, 12th June @ 9.00pm

Our monthly Prize Giving will take place this Friday evening, 12th June at 9.00pm. We hope to see another good turn out of Club Members to support our Competition Winners and Sponsors. Kenny and Maurice [column size=”1/2″ margin=”” last=”no”]Ladies: 1st : Henrietta Willis, 73 2nd : Linda Armstrong [/column] [column size=”1/2″ margin=”” last=”yes”]Gents: 1st : […]

Lady Captain’s Open Day : Wednesday, 17th June 2015

Just a couple of weeks until our 2015 Lady Captain’s Open Day with the chance to Win a Car with a Hole in One on the day. We are delighted that CarZone Irvinestown has generously agreed to sponsor this brilliant prize for the 2nd year running – our huge gratitude to Gerry MacNamee. Lady Guests will […]

Wednesday Scramble, 27 May 2015

Our Wednesday Scramble took on a slightly different format this week with 3, 2 & 1 scores as players made their way around the course. The weather conditions were pretty grim but a hardy group of golfers played on regardless. Winners & Runners Up on the night as follows:- 1st with 45 points Stephen McClelland […]

Wednesday Scramble, 20th May 2015

There was another good turn out for this evening’s Wednesday Scramble. The teams were very evenly matched and scoring came right down to the wire with the winning team as follows:- Jim Burke Barry Megaw Stephen McClelland Ryan McCaughey Well done to Ryan for being on the winning team two Wednesdays in a row. However, […]

Wednesday Scramble : 13th May 2015

20 Club Members played in the Wednesday Scramble this week – the good weather certainly made a welcome change from the wet conditions last week!  With a score of 49 this week’s winners were:- Eamon Rasdale Ryan McCaughey Gillian Chartres    

Ulster Cup, 2nd Round Match, Away Leg

Clogher Valley Golf Club players travel to the Ards Peninsula, County Down today for the 2nd round of the Ulster Cup. Playing against Kirkistown Golf Club we wish Team Captain Eamon Rasdale and all of the Clogher Valley golfers the best of luck – scores will be posted in due course. The players are as follows:- […]

Club 100 Draw : April winner

The April winner of our Club 100 draw was Tony Fee! Well done Tony 🙂 Don’t forget to enter for May’s draw – Victor is often available at the Clubhouse or you can put your money in an envelope and place it in the letter box on the office door.

Prizes Galore!

Our first Prize Giving evening of the 2015 Golfing Season saw a glittering array of prizes distributed. There were quite a few winners to get through on the night and our thanks to Club Secretary and able assistant Mary for the setting up before-hand and smooth running of the evening. Club Captain Sean thanked all […]

Golf Lessons tonight, Wednesday 29th April 2015

Golf Lessons with Castle Hume Golf Professional, Sean Donnelly, will take place this evening at Clogher Valley Golf Club. [column size=”1/2″ margin=”” last=”no”] ADULTS – LADIES & GENTS £40 for 5 weekly lessons 7.00pm to 8.30pm [/column] [column size=”1/2″ margin=”” last=”yes”] JUNIORS – BOYS & GIRLS £30 for 5 weekly lessons 6.00pm to 7.00pm [/column] […]

Results Watters Property Sales Stableford Competition

 Gents 1st: Norman Kerr 42 pts 3rd: Eamon Rasdale 41pts Nearest Pin: Malachy Graham Gross: Roger Howe 77 net  Ladies 1st:  Linda Armstrong 28 pts 2nd: Lady Capt Florence Brunt 26pts Nearest Pin: Henrietta Willis

Competition Results | Prize Giving Friday, 1st May 2015

Spring League Gents: 1st: Raymond Farrell 88 points 3rd:  John Moore 79 points Ladies: Mary Fee 56 points   Yellow Ball Competition Tony Fee Mervyn Farrell Michael Cassidy   Danske Bank, Derek Lee Memorial Competition 1st: Eugene Rooney 41 points (on countback) 2nd: Eamon Rasdale 41 points 3rd: Paul Colgan 40 points Back 9:  Eamon […]

2015 US Masters

Keep up to date with all the latest US Masters Golf News, Golf Scores & Leader board at Augusta 2015. Good Luck to all the UK & Irish Golfers but especially the guys from Northern Ireland: Darren Clarke, Graeme McDowell & Rory McIlroy!! ∨ Click on the Menu link below to see all options iframes […]

Club 100 Draw – March 2015

The winner of our March Club 100 Draw is Robert Robinson. Many congratulations Robert! 😀 All Club Members wishing to take part in the April Draw should see Victor at the Clubhouse.  

Captain’s Drive In, Sunday 29th March 2015

Captain Sean McCaughey was well supported on his Captain’s Tee Off today, despite the windy and wet conditions. Around 36 Club Members watched as Captain Sean tee’d off in good style and then went on take part in a Club 4 ball scramble. The rain overnight had made conditions slightly slippery underfoot but good scores were returned. […]

Captain’s Drive In, 2015

The ‘official’ start to our 2015 Golfing Season will take place on Sunday, 29th March 2015 with our Captain’s Drive In. Tee-off will be at 2.00pm sharp with a 4 Ball Scramble played over 9 holes to follow – entry is £5 per golfer. A meal will be provided in the Clubhouse afterwards at a […]

First Yellow Ball Competition of the Season

We welcome the return of our 4 Ball ‘Yellow Ball’ Competition again this year, after its great success in 2014! This is an Open Team Event and you can play in as many teams as you wish. From Saturday, 21st March through to Saturday, 28th March 2015 Cost: £40 per team Usual ‘Yellow Ball’ rules […]

Entry Forms for 2015 Competitions

Entry forms are now posted on the Clubhouse Noticeboard for our 2015 Competitions Mixed Doubles Competition (Sponsored by Shaun Donnelly, Golf Professional, Castlehume) Gents Singles Competition (Sponsored by The Valley Hotel, Fivemiletown) Gents Doubles Competition (Sponsored by Everett Bennett, E & R Bennett, Fivemiletown) Entry Fee for all of the above is £10 per golfer […]

Spring League

Spring League begins Monday 16th February 2015 This is a  9 hole competition and entry is £10.00 with best two cards each week. You can play as often as you wish, but two cards to be returned at a cost of £2.00 entry for each card.

Ulster Fourball & Ulster Cup Draws

The Draws have taken place for 2015 Ulster Fourball & Ulster Cup Competitions In the Ulster Fourball, CVGC is drawn against Antrim Golf Club In the Ulster Cup, CVGC is drawn against Fortwilliam Golf Club Both fixtures are to be played before 20th April 2015. Time to brave the elements and keep your game at […]

November ‘100 Club’ Draw : Saturday, 29th November 2014

Our November 100 Club Draw will take place on Saturday, 29th November 2014. Please make sure you have paid your entry fee for November. The Clubhouse is running a Christmas Party night on Saturday, 13th December with live music by Tom Fee and delicious Christmas Fayre. Something new on the night (13th December) is our first ‘Take your […]

Captain Billy’s Team Triumphs

In our annual Captain vs Presidents Competition, held on Sunday, 23rd November, Captain Billy’s team won the day with an impressive 8½ to 4½ score. It was a keenly contested fixture with reputations on both sides to maintain – but all in good sport!! Our 9 Hole Turkey Shoot Competitions continue right up until Christmas […]

Diabetic Awareness Prize Giving & Music, Saturday 1st November

Prize Giving for the Diabetic Awareness Competition will take place this Saturday night, 1st November. There will be dancing afterwards with music from Dusty Diamond. We look forward to seeing all Prize Winners attend on the night and we hope there will be a good support from other Club Members. Results as follows:- 1st – Jack Montgomery (46 […]

October 100 Club Draw | Saturday, 1st November 2014

Our October ‘100 Club’ Draw took place at the Diabetic Awareness Prize Giving on Saturday, 4th November 2014. Congratulations to October’s Winner – Victor Collum – the gentleman who meets, greets and generally keeps a tight eye on the helm at C.V.G.C. Of course, being the generous and tireless fundraiser that he is, Victor did […]

Prizes Awarded for Golfer of the Year 2014

At our Prize Giving Evening on Friday, 10th October 2014, the Winners of our Gents and Ladies ‘Golfer of Year’ were announced:- Gents ‘Golf of the Year’ – Colin Maxwell Colin has played consistently well all year, upping his game to meet the challenge of his ever disappearing handicap! Many congratulations to Colin for his […]

September 100 Club Draw : Saturday, 4th October 2014

Congratulations to Club Member Barry Megaw on winning the September 100 Club Draw which took place on Saturday night. To be in with a chance of winning £100 please give your entry fee (£10) to Victor Collum, Billy Hunter, Maurice Coulter or Carmel Rooney before the next draw in November.

Friday, 3rd to Sunday, 5th October 2014 : Jim Robertson Rosebowl Perpetual Trophy Competition

This weekend’s Competition is for the Jim Robertson Rosebowl, a perpetual trophy with the competition open to all Club Members – Ladies & Gents. The high winds and heavy rain have passed over and relatively good conditions are forecast for the rest of the weekend. We hope to see a good turnout of members for […]

Monthly Prize Giving on Friday, 10th October 2014

Our Monthly Prize Giving Evening has been arranged for Friday, 10th October 2014. This will be quite a busy evening with Prizes being awarded for our Club Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, etc. If you have been notified that you have a prize to receive we hope you will do your very best to be there […]

Friday 26th to Sunday, 28th September : Raymond Farrell’s Club Yellow Ball Competition

Unfortunately the Cancer Connect Golf Competition for this weekend has been postponed – details of when this is rescheduled will be posted in due course. Instead, we are running another of our very successful Raymond Farrell Yellow Ball Competitions – usual ‘yellow ball’ rules apply. We hope to see another good turn out this weekend, […]

Western Cars 2 Ball Scramble | Open Competition | Friday 19th to Sunday 21st September

Results for the 2 ball scramble held on Friday 19th – Sunday 21st of September, sponsored by Western Cars.   Gents Winners 1st – Ian Farrell & Charles Keys (64.2) 2nd – Stephen McClelland & John Graydon (64.5) 3rd – Maurice Coulter & Malachy Graham (64.5) Ladies Winners Lady Captain, Carmel Rooney & Betty Monaghan (81.9)

Golf Outing to Lurgan Golf Club – Sunday, 21st September

Golf Outing to Lurgan Golf Club Sunday, 21st September 2014 Cost £20 Arrive 12.15 pm Tee-off at 1.00 pm sharp (includes Golf & Prizes) Please add your name to list in Clubhouse and pay £10 deposit

Conway Cup Final | Away Leg at Strabane Golf Club

Alas, it was not to be and the Conway Cup remains with 2013 holders Strabane Golf Club for another year. Our hearty congratulations to the Strabane Team on their win and our thanks to everyone at Strabane G.C. for the great hospitality shown to all the Clogher Valley G.C. players and supporters yesterday. It was […]

Diabetes UK Open Stableford Competition | Friday, 29th to Sunday, 30th August

Wonderful support for a very worthy charity, Diabetes UK & their Diabetes Awareness Campaign. Huge thanks to all of the local businesses and individuals who sponsored holes for this event and to our Club Members who put in the hard work to ensure it was a success – Victor Collum and Mervyn Spratt in particular. […]

Fri, 5th to Sunday, 7th September – Sharon Campbell Memorial Open Stableford

This weekend’s competition is the ‘Sharon Campbell Memorial’ which takes place from Friday, 5th to Sunday, 7th of September. 18 hole Open Stableford | Club Members £5, Visitors £15 Please come along to support this competition as it’s one which is very close to our hearts in the Club. Sharon was a member of our […]

Prize Giving & BBQ – Photos & News

Well done to all our July/August Prize Winners and our thanks to all of the Sponsors who provided some beautiful prizes for tonight’s Prize Giving. Huge thanks too to our hardworking BBQ chefs for the night, Linda & Andy Armstrong; to Ian, Linda & all the C.V.G.C. staff for their help; to Tony & Mary […]

Castle Hume Golf Shop Competition Results

The results for the Castlehume Golf Shop Open Stableford Competition, held over the weekend of 22nd to 24th August 2014, are as follows:-   GENTS WINNERS 1st – Malachy Graham (45 points) 2nd – Colin Maxwell (44 points) 3rd – Malachy Monaghan (44 points on countback) Gross – Adam Williamson (73 gross) Front Nine – […]

Club BBQ & Prize Giving Evening : Sat, 30th August @ 8.00pm

What better way to round off the Summer Months than with a BBQ and Dancing! Club BBQ & Prize Giving Evening followed by good craic, music and dancing. Cost £10 per head Prizes will be awarded on the night for the following competitions so please try to be there to receive your prize or nominate another Club Member […]

Conway Cup Home Leg Results | 13.5 to 2.5

Our Conway Cup Team achieved a great Home Leg Result today with a 13.5 to 2.5 lead over the current holders Strabane G.C. They still have the Away Leg to play in 2 weeks time when Strabane will have the home course advantage – let’s hope our boys can continue to play solidly, as they […]

Conway Cup Final : Home Leg, Sunday 24th August

This Sunday, our Conway Cup Team will take on current holders Strabane Golf Club in the Home Leg of the Conway Cup Final. This is an amazing achievement for our Club – the first time in our history that we have reached the final – and we are hoping for a good turn out of Club […]

Bank Holiday Monday, 25th August : SAMS Charity 18 hole Stableford Competition

OPEN STABLEFORD SINGLES GOLF COMPETITION To assist Chris Bloomfield, in aid of SANTISIMA TRINIDAD SCHOOL (PERU), NEW ROOF PROJECT. C.V.G.C. Members £15   |   Visiting Golfers £20   |   Entry Fee includes Meal & Prizes Last Tee-off at 2.00pm   |   Timesheet in operation [Book tee-times with Club Captain, Billy Reynolds Mob: 078 66593565 or  John Moore Tel: […]

Castlehume Golf Shop Open Stableford Competition – 22nd to 24th August 2014

This weekend, Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th August 2014, there will be an 18 hole Open Stableford Competition – kindly sponsored by Castlehume Golf Shop. We hope to see another great turnout of Club Members and Visiting Golfers over the weekend and, as usual, there are some fantastic prizes to be won. C.V.G.C. Members – […]

Belleek Living Open Stableford Competition | Friday, 1st to Sunday, 3rd August

The results from last weekends Open Stableford Competition, sponsored by Belleek Living are listed below. Bad weather but a great crowd and impressive scores all the same!   GENTS RESULTS 1st – Colin Maxwell (45 points) 2nd – Jack Montgomery (44 points) 3rd – Billy O’Malley (43 points) Gross – Stuart Burke (75) Front 9 […]

Club 100 Draw for July 2014

Our July Club 100 Draw took place on Saturday, 2nd August 2014 in the Clubhouse. Hearty Congratulations to July’s winner, Ivan Smyton. Remember to pay your £10 and pick a number to be in with a chance of winning next month’s draw!!

No Monthly Prize Giving on Friday 1st August

There will be NO monthly Prize Giving on Friday, 1st August. With our Lady Captain & Captain’s Day Prize Givings having already taken place we will award prizes for all other July Competitions at our next Prize Giving Evening at the end of August/beginning of Sept. Please check this website or our Facebook Page for […]

Club Notices

There will be no committee meeting this month – our next meeting is scheduled for Thurs 28th August. Club 100 Draw will take place in Clubhouse on Sunday 3rd August so get your monies in for July. If you’re not in you cant win!! Congratulations to last months £100 winner Eugene Rooney.


Starting with 6 straight pars, Kevin McGarry secured his first win at the weekend in the Tyrone Tiling sponsored Open with a fantastic nett 57, two shots ahead of the improving Brian Moore in second with nett 59. Malachy Monaghan continued his good form finishing 3rd with nett 60. Full list of winners as follows:- […]

Clogher Valley G C in Conway Cup Final

Conway Cup Captain Tony “Friar Tuck” Fee and his “band of merry men” have achieved what no other team has done in the short history of Clogher Valley Golf Club by reaching their first ever final. Punching well above his weight, Captain Fee inspired his team last Sunday to go to Baronscourt and produce an […]

Captain’s Day Prizewinners – 19th July 2014

The Prize Winners for Billy Reynolds’ Captain’s Day Winner – Andy Little (nett 60) Runner-Up – Garnett Hackett (nett 61) 3rd – Jack Montgomery (nett 62 on c/back) 4th – Robert Robinson (nett 62) Gross – Rodger Howe (71) Front 9 – Eamon Rasdale (nett 28.5) Back 9 – Joe Davis (nett 30) Longest Drive […]


Captain Billy Reynolds was delighted that almost 90 golfers played in his strokeplay Captains Day at an immaculate Clogher Valley Golf Club (affectionately known locally as “Augusta”) which took place on Fri 18th and Sat 19th July. Some pins were in positions never seen before in “Augusta” and this helped produce one of the most […]

Captain Billy Reynolds’ Invite to Lady Members

Club Captain, Billy Reynolds, extends an invitation to all Lady Members of Clogher Valley Golf Club to play in his Captain’s Day Competition. Ladies may play the competition from Monday, 14th July through to Thursday, 17th July. Hoping as many Ladies as possible will be able to make it over these four days.

Lady Captain’s Open Day | 9th July 2014

What a day! Lady Captain Carmel pulled out all the stops today for her Ladies’ Open Day with blue skies and sunshine throughout followed by delicious food and great prizes. Unfortunately no-one managed a Hole in One but there was one very close call!!! We were delighted to see so many Ladies from other Clubs take […]

Lady Golfers, win a Nissan Micra Car at Clogher Valley Golf Club

The countdown to our Lady Captain’s Open Day has begun with the arrival of a Nissan Micra Car, kindly sponsored by Gerry McNamee of CarZone Irvinestown for a ‘Hole in One’ at the 3rd hole. Lady Captain, Carmel Rooney, was on hand to receive the keys from Gerry on Monday Evening. A great coup for […]

A ‘Hole in One’ for Everet

A huge WELL DONE to Club Member, Everet Bennett on his ‘Hole in One’ at the 17th hole while playing in the Cancer Research UK Competition on Saturday, 5th July. Hope you can pass along some hints and tips to our Ladies for Lady Carmel’s Captain’s Day on Wednesday 9th July – a ‘Hole in […]

Monthly Prize Giving, Saturday 5th July 2014

In July our Monthly Prize Giving was pushed forward to Saturday Evening to coincide with the Prize Giving for the Cancer Research UK Competition. Although some of our prize-winners were on holiday there was a good turn out and we were very pleased to welcome representatives from our sponsors as well as the local branch […]

Billy Reynold’s Captain’s Day, 18th & 19th July 2014

Timesheet is now available in the Clubhouse for Billy’s Captain’s Day on 19th July 2014. Please put your name in one of the designated Time-bands, for play on either the Friday or Saturday. Please note there will be no Tee-off’s after 11.00am on Saturday 19th July to facilitate Captain Billy’s guests. A sheet has now […]

Fri 4th & Sat 5th July, Cancer Research Open Stableford

Stuart Burke, Winner of the Kingston Perpetual Trophy, 18 hole Open Stableford Competition in aid of Cancer Research UK. As always, we are very grateful to all the local Businesses and Individuals who kindly sponsored holes and to all our Club Members who work so tirelessly for this event each year. 1st – Stuart Burke  (46 […]

27th to 29th June 2014, Lady Captain Carmel’s Invite to Gents

Our Lady Captain, Carmel Rooney kindly extended an invitation to all Gentlemen Members for her Lady Captain’s Day. Many thanks to all of you who played! The winners are as follows: 1st Jack Montgomery 2nd Andy Little Longest Drive Garnett Hackett Nearest Pin Garnett Hackett Senior Victor Collum Unfortunately no-one got the “Hole-in-One”   Winners are […]

Clogher Valley In Good Form

Last Sunday the return match of the Conway Cup took place at Clogher Valley Golf Club with Omagh GC the visiting team. A super match played by all; the back nine was very tight. A great second shot by Peter McGirr with a sand wedge over the hedge to land on the green put Clogher […]

20th to 22nd June, Clogher Valley Credit Union, 18 Hole Open Stableford

Results of the 18 Hole Open Stableford Competition, kindly sponsored by Clogher Valley Credit Union 1st – Raymond Farrell  (43 pts on countback) 2nd – Maurice Coulter   (43 pts) 3rd – Nigel Farrell, visitor  (42 pts) Front 9 – Michael McCaughey  (24 pts) Back 9 – Adam Williamson  (21 pts) Gross – Adam Williamson  (74 nett) Longest drive – Garfield […]

13th to 15th June, Hilltop Windows, 18 hole Open Stroke Competition

Results of the 18 Hole Open Stroke Competition, kindly sponsored by Hilltop Windows. 1st – Sean Mc Caughey    59 nett 2nd – Colin Maxwell    62 nett countback 3rd – Jack Reynolds   62 nett Nearest the pin – Malachy Graham Front 9 – Kevin Mc Garry  28 Back 9 – Kevin King  30 Gross – Malachy Graham  73 […]

Friday, 6th June to Sunday, 8th : (Fletcher Golf) Golf Nation Competition

18 Hole Stableford Competition, kindly sponsored by Golf Nation, Enniskillen (formerly Fletcher Golf) 1st – Joe Davies (41 points) 2nd – Colin Maxwell (41 points) 3rd – Sean McCaughey (41 points) All on countback Nearest the pin – Malachy Graham Front 9 – Malachy Graham Back 9 – Martin Breen Longest drive – Stephen McClellend […]

Prize Giving Evening | Friday, 6th June at 8.00pm

Another packed house for our Prize Giving Evening on Friday, 6th June. It’s great to see so many Members come along to support our winners and sponsors. [alert color=”green”]Note for your Diary – A slight change in July when our Prize Giving Evening  will be held on Saturday night, 5th July, to join with Cancer Research […]

Friday, 30th May to Sunday, 1st June | Homestart 4 Person Open Team Competiton

Results for the Homestart 4 Person Open Team Competition held on the weekend of Friday, 30th May through to Sunday, 1st June.  Winning Team on 110 pts Jack Montgomery Ian Farrell Charles Keys Dave Johnstone  2nd place on 110 pts (countback) Adam Williamson Ben Irwin Jack Reynolds Glen Fawcett  3rd place on 104 pts Colin Maxwell […]

Shaun Donnelly Mixed Doubles Competition | Draw on Notice Board

The draws for this year’s Shaun Donnelly Mixed Doubles Competition took place on Wednesday, 21st May. Details are on the notice board and first round matches to be completed no later than 30th June 2014.

Friday, 23rd to Sunday, 25th May | McGirr Fuels 18 hole Club Stableford

A long lazy Bank Holiday weekend saw a good turnout for the Club Stableford Competition sponsored by McGirr Fuels. Results as follows:- 1st Gents | Jack Reynolds (44 points) 2nd Gents | Mervyn McElwaine (43 points on countback) 3rd Gents | Malachy Monaghan (43 points) Gross | Stuart Burke (73) Front 9 | Kenny Robinson […]

Sunday Club | 18th May

Well done to Malachy Graham on winning today’s Sunday club with a score of 60 nett. 2nd was Jack Montgomery with 63 nett and 3rd  went to Dave Johnsone with 64 nett.

Fri 16th to Sun 18th May | Kenny & Maurice Golf Competition

The good weather conditions resulted in some impressive low scores for the Kenny & Maurice Club Stroke Competition. Another good turnout for this popular yearly competition. Results as follows:- 1st Gents | Colin Maxwell  (56 nett) 2nd Gents | Jim Burke  (57 nett) 3rd Gents | Eugene Rooney (62 nett) Gross | Roly Armstrong (76 net) […]

Sunday Club | 11th May

Jack Montgomery was the winner of today’s Sunday Club with a score of 44 points and a good score on the par threes! 2nd went to Maurice Coulter with 40 points and 3rd to Club President, Bob Carroll with 39 points and a winning score on the par threes. Great craic as always; all Club Members welcome!

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th May | Scott’s Bakery , 18 Hole Open Stableford

Results from last weekends competition sponsored by Scott’s Bakery are as follows:- 1st Jack Montgomery (44 points on count back) 2nd – Joe Davis (44 points) 3rd – Malachy Graham (42 points) Gross – Bob Carroll Front 9 – Barry Byrne Back 9 – Vice Captain Sean McCaughey Longest Drive – Jack Montgomery Nearest Pin […]

Wednesday Night Scramble : 5th week, 7th May 2014

Winning Team with 40 pts Stuart Burke Sean McCaughey Dessy McCormick   Runners Up with 38 pts Joe Davis Ian Farrell Captain, Billy Reynolds

Ladies’ Singles Competition – April Results

Our Ladies’ Singles Competition got underway in April with the results for the month as follows:-   Linda Armstrong | 21 pts   (monthly winner on count back) Carmel Rooney | 21 pts Mary Fee | 18 pts Henrietta Willis | 18 pts Betty Monaghan | 18 pts Florence Brunt | 17 pts Jenny Williamson | 11 pts    Our May Competition is now underway – playing […]

Sunday Club | 4th May

Our Club President, Bob Carroll has kindly donated a Club Trophy for our Sunday Club over the summer months. In fitting style, this week’s winner was Bob himself with nett 59. 2nd place went to Dave Johnson with our Jack Montgomery coming 3rd. All Club Members are welcome!!

Prize Giving Evening | Friday, 2nd May 2014

We had a packed Clubhouse of Prize Winners, Club Members, friends and family for our Prize Giving Evening on Friday, 2nd May. We were particularly delighted to welcome representatives from some of our sponsors and thank them, and indeed all our sponsors, for their continued support and generosity to C.V.G.C. Alan Mc Donald on behalf […]

Fri 2nd May to Sun 4th May | Fee Engineering 18 Hole Open Stroke Competition

Results for the Fee Engineering, 18 Hole Open Stroke Competition.   1st Gents | Jack Reynolds (57 nett) 2nd Gents | Winston Burke (58 nett) 3rd Gents | Bob Carroll (59 nett) Lowest Gross | Bob Carroll (72 gross) Front 9 | Billy O’Malley (28.5) Back 9 | Glen Fawcett (24) Longest drive | Jack Montgomery […]

Wednesday Night Scramble : 4th week, 30th April 2014

Winning Team with 56 pts Joe Davis Glenn Fawcett John Graydon Dessy McCormick   Runners Up with 55 pts Stuart Burke John Burrell Michael Cassidy Jack Reynolds

Gents Singles Matches | 7th May 2014

All Gents playing in the Club Singles Competition are reminded that first round matches MUST BE COMPLETED BY MONDAY 7TH MAY. It is clear that there are still quite a number of matches to be played and there is now just over a week to arrange these. If you are having problems arranging days, times, etc […]

Course Closed Sunday, 27th April | 1.00pm to 4.30pm

This Sunday, 27th April, sees Clogher Valley Golf Club play host to Bundoran Golf Club for the return leg of the Ulster 4 Ball Competition. Accordingly, the course will be closed between 1.00pm and 4.30m to facilitate the competition. Team Capts Mervyn & Joe, their team and visiting competitors would be greatly encouraged by your support on […]

Friday, 25th to Sunday, 27th April | Cooneen Group 18 Hole Stableford Golf Competition

Weekend, 25th to 27th April- 18 hole Stableford Golf Competition, sponsored by Cooneen Group 1st Gents | Leonard Kelly (51 pts) 2nd Gents | Eamon Rasdale (41 pts on countback) 3rd Gents | William McFrederick, Visitor (41 pts) Gross | Garfield Bell (74) Front 9 | Andy Armstrong (22 pts) Back 9 | Dave Johnston (26 pts) […]

Wednesday Night Scramble : 3rd week, 23rd April 2014

Winning Team with 61 pts Jim Burke (President) Bob Carroll Glen Fawcett Dessy McCormick   Runners Up with 58 pts Joe Davis Ian Farrell Raymond Farrell (Captain) Billy Reynolds

Golf Lessons Continue, Wed 30th April 2014

Golf Lessons at Clogher Valley Golf Club, will commence in April 2014. As promised, we are running another series of golfing lessons, with Shaun Donnelly (Club Professional at Castle Hume Golf Club). [pricing-table] [pricing-column size=”1/2″ last=”no” highlight=”no”] [pricing-header currency=”£” price=”40″ frequency=””] Adults Lessons (Ladies & Gents) [/pricing-header] [pricing-row]5 weeks starting 23rd April 2014 with each golf […]

Clogher Valley Rugby Club : Towns Cup Final

CONGRATULATIONS to our fellow sportsmen and neighbours at the Cran, Clogher Valley Rugby Club, on their win over Donaghadee in the final of the Ulster Towns Cup today. Plenty of local supporters made their way to Ravenhill to support the boys – plenty of celebrating in the Clogher Valley this evening!!

Watters Property Sales 18 hole Open Stableford Golf Competition

Weekend, 18th to 21st April – 18 hole Open Stableford Golf Competition, sponsored by Watters Property Sales. 1st Gents | Stuart Burke (47 pts) 2nd Gents | Raymond Farrell (46 pts) 3rd Gents | Eamon Rasdale (43 pts) Gross | Roland Armstrong (77 gross) Front 9 | Winston Burke (22 pts) Back 9 | Jack Montgomery (23 pts) Longest […]

Wednesday Night Scramble : 2nd week, 16th April 2014

A good turn-out for tonight’s 9 hole Club Scramble. Winning Team: Stuart Burke, Dave Johnston, Dessy McCormack, Jack Reynolds

Bubba Watson wins 2014 US Masters

Great to see Bubba Watson add another Green Jacket to his locker. Disappointing results for the N. Irish lads but onwards and upwards!   Official US Masters Website – US Masters Live News Update – US Masters Leader Board –

Results for Fee Meats 18 hole Stroke Competition

Another superb turnout for the Fee Meats Open 18 hole Stroke – results as follows:- 1st Gents | Roly Armstrong (Nett 60, on count back) 2nd Gents | Charlie Keys (Nett 60) 3rd Gents | Jack Montgomery (Nett 63) Gross | Malachy Graham (76) Front 9 | Jack Reynolds (36) Back 9 | Winston Burke […]


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Club 9 hole Golf Scramble : 1st Week, 9th April 2014

Our Club 9 hole Scramble started again this evening – Wednesday, 9th April 2014 1st place | Michael Cassidy, Joe Davis & Andy Little 2nd place | Mary Fee, Carmel Rooney & Ian Farrell 3rd place | Kevin McGarry, Collen Megaw & Billy Reynolds  

Results Monaghan Bros, 18 hole Open Stableford Competition

Results Monaghan Bros Golf Competition | Fri, 4th to Sunday, 6th April Open 18 hole Stableford, sponsored by Monaghan Bros – results as follows: Gents 1st | John Graydon (44 pts, on count back) Gents 2nd | Malachy Graham (44 pts) Gents 3rd | Raymond Farrell (43 pts) Gents Gross | Robert Robinson (77 gross) […]

Inter-Club Competitions 2014 | Captains & Draws

Inter-Club Competition Captains 2014  G.U.I. Ulster Cup Captain: Maurice Coalter C.V.G.C. to play Clones Golf Club home leg to be played on Sunday, 13th April | away leg to be played on Sunday, 27th April    G.U.I. Ulster 4 Ball Trophy Captain: Mervyn Spratt C.V.G.C. to play Bundoran Golf Club away leg to be played on Sunday, 13th […]

Draw for Gents Doubles and Singles Competitions

The Draw for this year’s Gents Doubles and Singles Competitions will take place this Saturday in the Clubhouse at 5.00pm. These Competitions commence week beginning Monday, 7th April 2014.  

Slieve Russell Outing | Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sign Up for a Day of Golf at Slieve Russell Golf Club, finished off with a Meal & Prizes Opened just over a decade ago, Slieve Russell Hotel, Golf & Country Club nestles in the County Cavan countryside and has established itself as one of the top golf resorts in Ireland. The course was designed […]

Results for the Danske Bank, Derek Lee Memorial 18 Hole Open Stableford Competition

 Results from last weekend’s Danske Bank, Derek Lee Memorial 18 hole Open Stableford Competition Gents 1st | Malachy Graham (43 pts) Runner Up | Eugene Rooney (41 pts, on count back) Gents 3rd | John Graydon (41 pts) Front 9 | Leonard Kelly (21 pts) Back 9 | Glen Fawcett (24pts) Gross | Kenny Robinson (81 gross) […]

New GUI Cards : Effective Immediately

 New GUI cards have been issued for all Members – effective immediately! Your old cards may no longer work so please collect your NEW GUI CARD from the Clubhouse as soon as possible.

Captains’ Drive In | 9 hole Scramble

  Winning Team (score 22.2) Winston Burke (missing from above photograph) Colin Campbell Michael Cassidy Hazel McDonald Henrietta Willis   Runners Up (score 23.7) John Burrell Kevin King Norman Lyons Jenny Williamson   3rd Place (score 23.9) Peter Bogue Maurice Coalter Keiran McBrien Stephen McClelland Competition Results for Captains’ Drive In | Official Start to […]

Captains’ Drive In: Sunday, 23rd March 2014

After a damp start the sun broke through the clouds for our Captains’ Drive-In, 2014. It was great to see such a good turn-out for the 9 hole Scramble followed by refreshments, soup and sandwiches in the Clubhouse – see Competition Results Page for Winners and Runners Up Here are some of those who took […]

St Patrick’s Weekend Competitions

Club 14 hole Stableford Competiton | Friday 14th, Sat 15th & Sunday 16th March Club Two Ball Scramble | Monday 17th March | played over Back Nine

Results of 14 hole Club Stableford, 7th, 8th 9th March 2014

  Played over weekend of 7th, 8th & 9th March 2014 1st : Paul Colgan 35pts 2nd : Eamon Rasdale 34pts (on countback)  3rd : Malachy Graham 34pts

Prize Giving | Friday, 7th March

Thank you to all Club Members who came out and supported our winning Golfers at the Prize Giving Evening last night. A special word of thanks to our Sponsors, without whom we would not be able to distribute such generous prizes and an extra thank you to Greg Williamson of The Valley Hotel who was […]

New Website Launched

After a bit of a lull, we are happy to say that our website is up and running again with a new look for 2014! Of course, there will be some inevitable tweaks over the next few days or weeks but we hope to keep Members and any curious online browsers up-to-date with goings on […]

Raymond Farrell’s Yellow Ball Competition

This will take place over the 21-23 February 2014 and will be the same format as the previously successful one that Raymond ran. The only change is that teams can buy as many Yellow Balls as they need to. The Basics: £40 per 4 Player Team, 18 Hole Event and a Yellow Ball! If you […]

Golf Lessons for Ladies, Spring 2014

As in previous years, it is planned to run Golf Lessons for Ladies with Castle Hume Golf Professional, Sean Donnelly. This will run one night a week for 6 weeks. Any ladies who are interested in taking up Golf for the first time or would like to build on previous year’s lessons, please contact us to […]

Spring League Now Running

Spring League is now underway, running from 3rd February through to Sunday, 16th March 2014 For further details check out the Fixtures List webpage. Please ensure that you complete your Scorecards correctly, they must be signed, dated, have your handicap details on and should include the week number of the competition. Players can enter two […]

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