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Turkey Shoot Competition Results

WEEK 1         19 PLAYED

                         LADIES: 1st GILLIAN CHARTRES

                         GENTS:  1st DAVY WILLIS

                                          2nd KENNY Mc VITTY


WEEK 2         42 PLAYED

                         LADIES: 1st LINDA ARMSTRONG

                         GENTS:  1st PATSY GOODWIN

                                          2nd RAYMOND FARRELL

                                          3rd WILLY CRAWFORD


WEEK 3           26 PLAYED

                           LADIES:      1st HENRIETTA WILLIS

                           65+ LADY:  MARGARET 0SBOURNE

                           GENTS:       1st NIALL BRACKEN

                                                 2nd CONOR ROONEY

                           65+ GENT: WILLIE CRAWFORD


WEEK 4          28 PLAYED

                           LADIES:       1st  HENRIETTA WILLIS

                           65+ LADY:   BERNIE MOHAN

                            GENTS:        1st DARREN GRANLEESE  (CB)

                                                   2nd STEVEN MCCLELLAND

                            65+ GENT:  RAYMOND FARRELL        

Results Creighton’s Open Competition

1st – Gary Colhoun, 42 pts
2nd – Kevin McGarry, 40 pts (cb)
3rd – Stan Montgomery, 40 pts
4th – Brendan McCusker, 39 pts
Front 9 – Derek Wright, 20 pts
Back 9 – Darren Granleese, 21 pts

1st – Hazel McDonald, 28 pts
2nd – Kathleen Hand, 27 pts (Lady Captain, Rossmore Golf Club)
3rd – Lady Captain, Henrietta Willis, 26 pts

Results Diabetes UK (kindly sponsored by E & R Bennett)

CV Gents
1st – Brian Armstrong, 45 pts
2nd – Stephen McCelland, 44 pts
3rd – Ryan McCaughey, 41 pts (cb)
4th – Andy Armstrong, 41 pts
Front 9 – Mervyn McElwaine, 24 pts
Back 9 – Malachy Monaghan, 23 pts

Ladies Results
1st – Betty Monaghan, 30 pts
2nd – Bernie Mohan, 26 pts (cb)

Visitor Results
1st – Jack Reynolds, 37 pts

Results Valley Commercials Competition

Another superb weekend of golf at Clogher Valley with fantastic scores being returned! Congratulations to this week’s winners.

Our thanks to everyone who took part and to our sponsors Valley Commercials – your continued support is greatly valued and appreciated.


1st – Gary Colhoun, 47pts
2nd – Darragh Kavanagh, 44pts (cb)
3rd – Ryan McCaughey, 44pts (cb)
4th – Niall Bracken, 43pts (cb)
Front Nine – David Little, 26pts
Back Nine – Harry Carson, 23pts (cb)


1st – Lady Captain, Henrietta Willis, 32pts
2nd – Bernie Mohan, 31pts (cb)

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